Thursday, July 18, 2013

Stream-Of-Consciousness Rhyme


Information overload, overlord, culling of the zombie hoard.  brain dead, inhuman.  desensitized masses, hypnotized, flicker stare, playing at your subconscious desires,  setting you up for a fall, caught, busted, found out, no clout, no doubt, prison profits, forced labor, luxury savor, designer goods, understood, over stand, grab my hand, feel that we are together, never let your guard down, around and around, inside downside, no where to hide, they lied, many times, paying fines, blurring the lines between war and peace, military and police, legalized corruption, conspicuous consumption, black tie function, gentlemen and women, forsaken, the truth, tooth, draws blood for oil, despoil despotism, geostrategic hotspots, flare-ups, on the cusp, of something unknown, we have been shown the path, walking is no longer possible, running for our lives, the thrill of it, if you survive, the terror, of unknowing the separation, the instilled trauma, Obama, subjects to investigative reporters, cocaine snorters, just following orders, from on high rollers, for whom the bell tolls, the reversal of roles, gain insight, in spite of which we make no change,  deranged killers, crying for heaven, when all they ever wanted, shunted, turned down, boarded up, buttercup, of tea, a glass of water? 

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Huffington Post Blog: America's Deep State

Via huffingtonpost:

"Now we know: the United States of America is partially governed by a deep state, undemocratic, secret, aligned with intelligence agencies, spying on friend and foe, lawless in almost every respect.
If this doesn't constitute a coup d'etat, it's hard to imagine what would."

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Independece Day, Lakewood, OH


Bill Gates And GMO Cronies Plan $30 Million Seed Vault While Poisoning The Planet

Via wakingtimes:
The question is, what global catastrophic occurrence do the investors in this seed vault anticipate? If you follow the money trail it isn’t hard to figure out. Guess who is participating in this ‘noble’ project aside from the Norwegians:
·      The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
·      US Agirbusiness giant, Dupont/Pioneer (owner of GMO seed patents)
·      The Syngenta Foundation – Swiss maker of GMO seed and pesticides.
·      The Rockefeller Foundation – created the ‘gene revolution with over $100 million invested in GM science since the 1970’s
·      CGIAR, a global network of Rockefeller Foundation supporters

Brilliant Political Analysis From 12-Yr-Old Egyptian

Via activistpost: