Saturday, July 6, 2013

Bill Gates And GMO Cronies Plan $30 Million Seed Vault While Poisoning The Planet

Via wakingtimes:
The question is, what global catastrophic occurrence do the investors in this seed vault anticipate? If you follow the money trail it isn’t hard to figure out. Guess who is participating in this ‘noble’ project aside from the Norwegians:
·      The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
·      US Agirbusiness giant, Dupont/Pioneer (owner of GMO seed patents)
·      The Syngenta Foundation – Swiss maker of GMO seed and pesticides.
·      The Rockefeller Foundation – created the ‘gene revolution with over $100 million invested in GM science since the 1970’s
·      CGIAR, a global network of Rockefeller Foundation supporters


Joe said...

I wonder, if this organization own the last collections of seeds that have been abandoned in favor of their promoted and patented seeds, then does that give them the right to mildly alter there composition and patent them as well?

AGK said...

Something to consider, but this is more about them storing up the unadulterated ecosystem, that they might restore the earth to its former glory after they are responsible for its almost complete devastation. This lends credence to the theories of weaponizing the food supply for the purposes of global control and depopulation. These concepts might seem extreme but they we not though up but conspiracy theorists, rather, they have been published periodically by influential and secretive elites. It's been established that the amassing of obscene wealth can be characterized as a sickness. But is there a point where no amount of money can satisfy their cravings, what then? What is the more powerful drug that these fiends turn to when cold, hard cash doesn't give them the fix it used to?